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The school was originally named Jinhe Junior High School, initiated in May 1990. Funded by Taipei County Government, the school preparation was first directed by Principal Wang Tieh-Chun. The total area of this school is 3.5193 hectares.
■ In August 1991, the preparation of the school succeeded under the charge of Principal Lin Hsiu-Hsiung.
■ In August 1992, Principal Ho Chin-Chen continued as the director of preparation, taking over the management of the school.
■ In August 1995, Principal Ho Chin-Chen was designated as first principal of the school.
■ In September 1995, the first 16 classes of senior high school students registered.
■ In 1997, the junior high school of continuing education was officially established. (Closed in 2003.)
■ In August 1998, the school was reformed as middle school and the first class of senior high students registered.
■ In August 2000, Ms. Wu Ming-Shiue served as principal.
■ In October 2000, the school was renamed as “Jinhe Senior High School.”
■ In September 2001, senior high school section of the subsidiary school was officially established.
■ School Archives were founded in March, 2005.
■ In August 2006, Principal Wann Yi-cheng was appointed.
■ Jinhe (Senior High School) Alumni Association was founded in December, 2007.
■ In December 2010, the school was renamed as “New Taipei Municipal Jinhe High School.”